Welcome to the new online group site for Writers For Animals Writing Support Group. We hope that this will be a useful way for everyone to discuss and share information.

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Mission Statement

Writers For Animals Writing Support Group provides a supportive space for writers to share works in progress, bounce ideas around, ask for feedback and team up to collaborate. Chat and banter is also fine. All types of writing are welcome, from essays to extracts from novel manuscripts.

Writing does not have to be about animals or animal issues, though members must embrace the concept of animal liberation and regard animals as individuals, not tools for human profit and entertainment.

No member is obliged to read everything, though active participation is necessary. Members should comment on others' work as much as they post their own. All writers should give and receive constructive criticism. Flame wars are not permitted; if you really don't like something just say it isn't for you and move on.  Keep it friendly!

Some of us have set up a small publishing collective to compile a book of fund-raising short stories covering animal themes. If you'd like to contribute and aren't a professional, confident writer, the best way is to join this group so you can edit your stories with friendly peer support.